Buy a Refurbished IBM DS5020 Disk Storage System to Reduce the Cost of Your Infrastructure Upgrade

Abacus Solutions offers refurbished DS5020 disk storage systems to businesses across the country, providing them with a cost-effective option for infrastructure upgrades. The DS5020 provides reliable storage, optimal compatibility, and quick data access, making it a great addition to almost any midrange datacenter.

The IBM DS5020 disk storage system comes with a range of beneficial features, such as:

  • 16 disk drive capacity with attachment support for up to six expansion units, yielding a maximum of 112 TB of storage capacity
  • Support for encryption-capable Fibre Channel (FC) drives, to keep your data secure
  • 8 Gbps FC and 1GbE iSCSI host connectivity that allow for fast data transfer

When Abacus Solutions receives a DS5020, or any other piece of IT hardware, our IBM-certified technicians restore it to pristine, like-new condition through a painstaking process. The hardware is then put through stringent testing to ensure optimal performance in terms of speed and reliability. Once the process is complete, the hardware is properly packaged and stored, and when an order is received, it will almost always ship out on the same day. The quality of our refurbishing and testing process and the skill of our technicians allow us to back all of our refurbished hardware with a minimum 30-day warranty.

If you would like to order an IBM DS5020 disk storage system, or any other piece of new or refurbished IT hardware from our expansive, vendor-neutral inventory, contact Abacus Solutions today, and find out why so many businesses across the country turn to us for all of their IT hardware needs.