IBM 3550 Servers Available for Businesses Nationwide

The IBM 3550 server is one of the most popular models in the System X line and provides a platform that many businesses rely on to host a variety of applications. Keeping these servers operational and scaling infrastructure with them to meet growing demand can put a pinch on many IT budgets. Abacus Solutions, however, offers IBM 3550 servers for a fraction of their OEM cost. We have a team of technicians and IBM-certified engineers who expertly refurbish these xSeries servers in our Technology Center, allowing us to offer them at discounts of up to 90 percent off of their retail price. Each is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility, and we provide a 30-day warranty with each one.

We offer many different configurations of IBM 3550 systems, including:

  • M3 QC E5620
  • M2 DC E5502
  • M2 QC E5506
  • M3 6C E5606
  • M3 QC E5507
  • M4 6C E5-2640
  • M4 8C E5-2680
  • And many more

IBM 3550 servers and other xSeries hardware is only a small part of our inventory, which also includes pieces from Dell PowerEdge, HP 9000, HP Proliant, Sun Fire, Sun SPARC, and many other leading lines. Our professionals hold certifications from many other brands, so you can trust us to develop vendor-neutral solutions that are right for your specific IT environment. We also offer a number of options that can reduce the capital outlay required for your infrastructure, with both rental and leasing options available. To cut datacenter management overhead as well, you can ask about our public cloud solutions, which can be provisioned and configured to suit your unique needs.

For more information on our IBM 3550 servers, our other hardware, or our cloud services, contact us today.