Masterfully Refurbished IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive Units Offered to Businesses Nationwide

The IBM 3580 Ultrium tape drive and similar legacy models are high-capacity storage units that companies have relied on for years because of their high-performance capabilities. If you’re in need of a replacement drive for your IT infrastructure, or if you’re just looking to scale up the capacity of your datacenter on a budget, turn to Abacus Solutions. We have preowned IBM hardware of all kinds in our vast inventory, and every unit has been expertly reconditioned in-house at our Technology Center, allowing us to sell products in excellent working condition at up to 90 percent off their original prices. And, to assure you of the quality of our products, we subject each piece of equipment to a rigorous testing process before selling it.

At Abacus Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive IT product solutions, which is why, in addition to IBM 3580 and other storage drives, we also offer other powerful legacy and current IBM hardware. Our vast selection of servers and other equipment includes:

  • AS/400
  • iSeries
  • System i
  • Power Systems
  • pSeries
  • System x
  • Lenovo x86
  • xSeries
  • BladeCenter
  • And more

Not only can you find reconditioned IBM 3580 and other IBM products at Abacus Solutions, but you can also find equipment from other trusted manufacturers like HP, Cisco, and Sun. That’s because, as a vendor-neutral company, we want to see to it that you receive the products that best fit your needs and budget, regardless of the brand. All of our products, from the IBM 3580 to servers, network switches, and more, also come backed by a minimum 30-day warranty.

To learn more about our current stock of IT products like the IBM 3580 tape drive, contact Abacus Solutions today.