Abacus Solutions Provides IBM BaaS and Other Useful Continuity Services to Businesses of All Types

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, services such as IBM BaaS and similar continuity solutions are a must-have for businesses of all types. Whether you serve a single small market or an expansive, worldwide consumer base, customers have come to expect uninterrupted service at all times. That’s where Abacus Solutions comes in. We provide hardware-based and cloud-based continuity solutions to all types of businesses, helping them to better serve their customers, and make more efficient use of their time and resources.

When you choose an IBM BaaS package from Abacus Solutions, you will have access to the following services:

  • Turnkey implementation, which entails the installation of necessary hardware and software within your existing infrastructure
  • Management of daily backups and deduplication within our Abacus iCloud
  • Support from our team of IBM-certified network engineers

If you are in need of more robust continuity services beyond just IBM BaaS, we offer disaster recovery services that can protect your data from catastrophic hardware failures. We also offer high availability services, which can virtually eliminate backup windows and keep your production environment up and running in the face of planned or unplanned downtime. And, if you are unsure as to what services would be most germane to the needs of your business, we will be happy to perform an audit of your datacenter and recommend the proper services.

To learn more about our IBM BaaS packages or any of the other continuity services we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.