IBM Business Continuity Offered for Companies Nationwide

If you’re looking into business continuity options for your IBM datacenter, don’t just settle for a simple backup. Trust the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions to make sure your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) are optimized for restoring your datacenter in the event of a disaster. We offer various High Availability as a Service (HAaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, with start recovery times ranging from within 48 hours to less than an hour, allowing for flexibility to match both your budget and the needs of your IT environment.

At Abacus Solutions, we focus on what we know to be the three most important requirements for reliable IBM business continuity:

  • Thorough planning – We rigorously test and plan for every situation possible, scheduling regular tests with you to ensure that your IT department is prepared for the worst of disasters.
  • Robust infrastructure – Our datacenters were designed by our own expert technicians and built with state-of-the-art hardware and redundant components to ensure that all of our customers always have the benefit of full coverage and guaranteed resources.
  • Experienced personnel – Our technical experts are highly trained with IBM systems and hardware, and they will work closely with you to ensure that your datacenter is completely taken care of in a disaster situation.

In addition to our business continuity solutions, we also offer IaaS and PaaS cloud hosting options that you can take advantage of to reduce the time and money spent on purchasing and maintaining hardware for your datacenter.

If you’d like to learn more about our IBM business continuity options and other services, contact Abacus Solutions today.