Protect Your Data with IBM Cloud Storage by Abacus Solutions

IBM cloud storage is a service offered by Abacus Solutions that is designed to help businesses achieve reliable, scalable, and best-in-class backup solutions for high-value data. Founded as an AS/400 and RS/6000 brokerage firm, Abacus Solutions has witnessed the evolution of IBM hardware and software into the powerful products that they are today. Now, as an IBM managed service provider, Abacus Solutions is proud to offer a robust IBM cloud backup solution to help companies of all sizes protect their information.

When you choose Abacus Solutions as your partner for IBM cloud storage and backup, we will:

  • Provide a local appliance and set up disk-to-disk backups
  • Establish a connection with the Abacus Backup Cloud for replication
  • Monitor and manage daily deduplication to the Abacus Backup Cloud

In addition to cloud storage and backup, Abacus Solutions offers several other cloud-based services: infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and business continuity. If you are unsure as to which service it is that you need, the Abacus team is here to help you decide. We can perform a full audit of your datacenter, assess the needs of your IT team, and recommend the right blend of cloud services for your business.

The Abacus Cloud was built and is maintained by our own team of engineers with cutting-edge technology. This enables us to provide reliable and scalable solutions for our customers, as well as unrivaled infrastructure support.

For more information about the IBM cloud storage and backup services that we provide, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, don’t forget to ask about our IT asset disposition service, through which you can trade in old equipment in exchange for a subsidy on our cloud services.