IBM EXP3512 Single ESM Expansion Unit Hardware Expertly Refurbished and Sold to Companies Nationwide

For an IBM EXP3512 Single ESM Expansion Unit or similar storage equipment that you can add to your IT infrastructure at a significant discount from the original manufacturer price, check out the expansive hardware inventory at Abacus Solutions. We have been supplying companies of all kinds with preowned IBM products for years, all of which have been expertly restored to work like brand-new products in our own Technology Center. Our IBM-certified experts not only refurbish all of our hardware in-house, but they also rigorously test each piece before sale to ensure that it is in proper condition. That way, we can offer you equipment that works like new at up to 90 percent off of OEM pricing, and we back each piece of hardware with a minimum 30-day warranty.

When you turn to Abacus Solutions for equipment to add to your datacenter, you’ll be able to find a wide array of legacy and current IBM products, including single and dual-active ESM expansion units for the System Storage 3500 series, which include such robust features as:

  • Compact rackmount enclosures for maximum space efficiency
  • Hot-swappable redundant hardware components for reliability
  • Dual AC power supplies for maximum uptime
  • 12 or 24 SAS disk drive bays for adding capacity to the DS3500 series storage systems
  • And more

In addition to IBM products, we also offer storage systems, servers, and more from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Dell, HP, and Cisco. That’s because, as a vendor-neutral company, we strive to develop the most effective product solutions possible for our customers, rather than try to incentivize one brand over others.

To learn more about how we can provide you with an IBM EXP3512 Single ESM Expansion Unit or another piece of equipment for your datacenter, contact Abacus Solutions today.