Find a Preowned IBM EXP3524 Single ESM Expansion Unit and Other Expertly Reconditioned Hardware at Abacus Solutions

The IBM EXP3524 Single ESM Expansion Unit is designed to enhance the disk drive capabilities of the System Storage DS3524 Express DC system for additional storage and greater flexibility in your company’s datacenter. If you’re in need of extra storage capacity and want to add one of these expansion units to your IT infrastructure, turn to Abacus Solutions. We have a broad selection of IBM hardware that has been restored to like-new condition by our IBM-certified experts in our own Technology Center; this process allows us to offer high-end hardware at up to 90 percent off of OEM prices without sacrificing performance quality. After the refurbishment process, we put each piece of equipment through rigorous testing to ensure that it works properly before being sold.

At Abacus Solutions, we stock an enormous inventory of IBM equipment, all in the same usable condition as brand-new products. Some of the hardware we offer includes:

  • IBM pSeries
    • Power5
    • Power6
    • Power7
  • IBM Storage
    • Tape storage
    • Disk storage
  • IBM xSeries
    • Enterprise
    • Rackmount
  • IBM iSeries
    • Power Systems
    • System i
    • AS/400
    • i5
  • And others

As a vendor-neutral company, we also strive to provide the most appropriate hardware solutions for your datacenter’s needs and your IT budget, regardless of the manufacturer. That means, in addition to legacy and current IBM products, we also offer expertly refurbished products from such respected names as Dell, HP, and Sun in order to help you obtain the exact hardware that you need. And, to show our confidence in our refurbishing process, we back all of our products with a minimum 30-day warranty.

For more information about the IBM EXP3524 Single ESM Expansion Unit and other products we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.