IBM H Chassis Available Nationwide Through Abacus Solutions

Any business looking for an IBM H chassis to expand its blade infrastructure can find an affordable option at Abacus Solutions. We have a large and ever-expanding inventory of used IBM equipment, all of which is offered at prices significantly lower than what you would pay through an OEM. What’s more, all of our used hardware is expertly tested, inspected, and restored by our team of IBM-certified engineers, so that it will be able to perform like-new in your high-demand datacenter environment. We also offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our used equipment to further support our refurbishing process.

Here are just a few selections from our expansive inventory:

  • Servers
  • Storage
    • Dell
    • IBM
  • Network
  • Software
    • Microsoft

In addition to IBM H chassis and other IBM hardware, Abacus Solutions offers a diverse inventory that includes items from many other manufacturers as well. In fact, we’re a vendor-neutral company, and will be more than happy to architect an infrastructure that will meet the demands of your growing business while fitting your budget.

Here at Abacus Solutions, we understand that purchasing IT equipment can be a taxing investment in light of evolving technology and business needs. That’s why we offer a buyback program. Simply let us purchase the hardware that your business has outgrown, and we’ll use it to subsidize the cost of your upgrade.

If you’re interested in purchasing an IBM H chassis for your business, would like to learn more about any of the products in our inventory, or need some more information about our buyback program, contact Abacus Solutions today.