IBM High Availability Offers the Best Backup Protection for Your Datacenter

IBM high availability as a service (HAaaS) from Abacus Solutions offers companies that rely on uninterrupted operation the best protection from an unexpected disaster. When you partner with us for this premium level of disaster recovery protection, we’ll install high availability software on your production hardware, which we’ll then use to perform a transaction-to-transaction replication in an Abacus i Cloud target environment. In the event of a declaration, we’ll swap your production to this cloud environment so that your operations can continue to run until your IT team can provide a fix.

With IBM high availability as a service, you won’t have to worry about backup windows cutting into your production. After the initial role-swap, your IT team will be free to perform necessary maintenance while your operations continue in the vendor-provided environment. We’ll schedule an outage window that works best for your team and then will transition your operations back to your production environment seamlessly. Other features of our HAaaS are:

  • Recovery times of less than one hour
  • Recovery point objectives of the last transaction
  • Software- or SAN-based packages
  • A three-year term

If your business has issues with performing regular backups due to backup window conflicts, or simply doesn’t have the staff or resources to provide proper protection in house, then our high availability service is right for you. Additionally, if your datacenter needs extra infrastructure support, we offer both entry and enterprise level infrastructure as a service (IaaS) packages.

To learn more about IBM high availability as a service provided by the industry experts at Abacus Solutions, or about any of our other cloud services, contact us today.