Why Choose IBM Hybrid Cloud Computing for Your Company’s Datacenter?

Setting up your IBM datacenter with hybrid cloud hosting is an intriguing way to manage the computing resources for your IT department. Rather than relying wholly on local infrastructure or making a complete transition to cloud computing, a hybrid cloud is, as the name implies, a combination of the two. It involves connecting your onsite hardware to an offsite cloud infrastructure, the latter of which is hosted by a third-party provider. But what advantages can this type of setup provide for your company over a completely localized infrastructure? Consider the following:

With hybrid cloud computing, you can use your onsite infrastructure for business-critical computing workloads, as well as for storing any sensitive data your company has, while using the cloud resources for other operations so they don’t tie up your local resources. And, since the cloud portion of your infrastructure can be scaled up or down according to your needs, you can quickly add resources without having to buy and install hardware, or you can remove resources during slower times to save money.

Abacus Solutions offers IBM hybrid cloud options in a range of price points to suit virtually any budget. We host our cloud services in our two powerful datacenters, which our expert technicians built and continue to carefully maintain. We offer both long-term and short-term cloud packages, so whether you’re looking to supplement your hardware indefinitely or briefly add resources for an upcoming project or busy season, we can help you with your computing needs.

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