IBM Hybrid Cloud Solutions Provided to Businesses Nationwide by Abacus Solutions

Any business that is looking to develop its IBM hybrid cloud will find the resources they need at Abacus Solutions. For those interested in private cloud development – we have a massive selection of refurbished IBM equipment. From legacy AS/400 servers to the newer 8xx line, our inventory contains just about every piece of IBM hardware you can think of, all expertly refurbished by our product specialists and ready to perform like new in your IBM cloud infrastructure. We also have a team of cloud experts who can help you with the setup of your hypervisor and implementation of your virtualization software.

For those interested in acquiring resources in our public cloud – the team here at Abacus Solutions will be happy to help you develop an IBM hybrid cloud solution that is tailored to the needs of your business. Plus, by choosing Abacus as your cloud hosting provider, you can expect:

  • Hosting in a secure datacenter, complete with redundant components for unmatched reliability
  • Daily backups to secure, offsite storage so that your information remains protected
  • Critical operations, network, and infrastructure support from an Abacus cloud engineer
  • Access to IBM specialists for troubleshooting, questions, and concerns

Apart from our cloud services, Abacus Solutions is also an approved IT reseller. Our inventory contains refurbished equipment not just from IBM, but from other industry-leading manufacturers as well, including Sun/Oracle, Dell, HP, and Cisco – and it’s all available well below OEM prices.  

For more information about the IBM hybrid cloud offered by Abacus Solutions, or to learn more about any of the products within our expanding inventory, contact us today.