For an IBM i Backup as a Service Package that’s Secure, Reliable, and Affordable, Turn to Abacus Solutions

If you need Backup as a Service (BaaS) for your IBM i datacenter’s cloud storage needs, trust the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions. At Abacus Solutions, we know and understand that best-in-business backup services are based on powerful infrastructure, proper procedures, and adherence to industry-best policies. Our highly experienced cloud engineers have developed two robust datacenters for an expansive infrastructure that we can securely store your backup data in. Our datacenters themselves are designed with redundant components and are constantly monitored for performance; you can be sure that your data is stored safely and reliably.

Our IBM i Backup as a Service Process

When you turn to Abacus Solutions for our BaaS package, our expert technicians will provide turnkey setup services to ensure that your data will continue to be backed up properly:

  • We will provide you with a local backup appliance and assist you with the setup of disk-to-disk backups from your datacenter to the local appliance.
  • Our team will connect your backup appliance to the Abacus Backup Cloud for daily replications to our offsite storage.
  • Each daily deduplication to the Abacus Backup Cloud will be monitored and managed to ensure proper replication.

If you’re interested in even more thorough backup services, ask about our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) package. You’ll receive all of the benefits and peace of mind of our Backup as a Service package, plus disk-to-disk restoration performed by Abacus Solutions for full business continuity services. With a recovery time objective of less than 12 hours and a recovery point objective as recent as your last data replication, we’ll help your company recover as quickly as possible in the wake of a disaster.

To learn more about our IBM i backup as a service options, contact Abacus Solutions today.