IBM i Cloud Infrastructure Services Provided by Abacus Solutions

IBM i cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is available to businesses in need of supplements to their existing infrastructures, scalable computing resources, or secure cloud environments to eliminate hardware acquisition and maintenance. Abacus Solutions is equipped with knowledgeable project managers who are well versed in both IBM hardware and cloud computing and can analyze the computing needs of your company to ensure a flawless migration. Our certified technicians and engineers design and actively maintain our large datacenters to provide a powerful and secure cloud environment for your production and data backup.

We offer two IaaS packages to suit your business’s particular needs. These include:

  • Abacus Entry i Cloud – Infrastructure support during business hours, critical networking and operations support, and daily backups to our offsite datacenter
  • Abacus Enterprise i Cloud – Around-the-clock infrastructure support, critical networking and operations support, daily backups to our offsite datacenter, and business continuity services with a recovery time objective of 12 hours or less

As an available upgrade, the Abacus Enterprise Plus i Cloud also includes platform as a service (PaaS) to offer secure middleware and operating system management. This is a great option to relieve your developers of management and upkeep duties so that they can focus on other projects.

In addition to cloud infrastructure services, Abacus also provides refurbished hardware from IBM and many other vendors. If you’re in need of servers, hot-swappable components, or any other hardware, you’ll find that Abacus’s lower prices will help you stay in budget.

To learn more about how Abacus Solutions can help your IT department with our IBM i cloud infrastructure services, contact us today.