IBM i Data Backup Services Your Business Can Count on

Abacus Solutions provides customized and reliable IBM i data backup services to help companies of all scopes and sizes improve their business continuity. Founded in 2000 as an AS/400 broker, we have extensive experience with all types of IBM systems from legacy to current, and we can provide turnkey implementation as well as critical network support from our IBM experts to bring you continuity solutions that match your company’s needs and budget.

When you partner with Abacus for data backup, you can benefit from services that include:

  • Backup as a service (BaaS) – Our technicians will install a backup disk on your existing infrastructure and will perform daily replication and deduplication to the Abacus Backup i Cloud.
  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) – In the wake of a disaster or catastrophic hardware failure, you can get back to business as usual promptly with recovery point objectives that range from the last saved tape to the last replication of data, and recovery time objectives that range from 48 hours to as little as 12 hours.
  • High availability as a service (HAaaS) – Your business will stay productive with a target environment created specifically for it. In the face of planned or unplanned downtime, we will role swap your operations into the target environment to eliminate backup windows.

In addition to our data backup plans, we offer programs such as infrastructure as a service and platform as a service that can ease the workload of your IT department, thereby increasing productivity. Our knowledgeable cloud engineers can assist you with the implementation of any of our cloud services.

Contact Abacus Solutions today for more information about the IBM i data backup solutions and cloud services that we offer.