IBM i DRaaS Options for Superior Business Continuity

With IBM i DRaaS from Abacus Solutions, your company will be able to work toward eliminating tape, shift to an operating expense for business continuity, and improve recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). We offer three different disaster recovery as a service options with RTOs of less than 48 hours, less than 24 hours, and less than 12 hours, allowing for flexibility when it comes to your data’s recoverability. When you choose Abacus Solutions, we’ll work with you to craft a solution that suits the needs of your datacenter and the budget of your IT department.

Why Choose Abacus for IBM i DRaaS?

What sets our IBM i DRaaS solutions apart from others is that we understand what truly makes business continuity work right:

  • Infrastructure – At Abacus Solutions, our experts have developed powerful datacenters with redundant components that allow us to provide robust, secure cloud and business continuity services to companies across the country with guaranteed resources.
  • Personnel – Our disaster recovery experts are highly experienced and work directly with our customers to ensure proper setup, well-managed replications, and seamless restoring and recovery.
  • Planning – Our team will work with you to test and plan for every foreseeable event, making sure that your IT department is fully prepared in case of even the worst datacenter disasters.

Not only do we offer industry-best DRaaS options, we also offer software- and SAN-based high availability as a service (HAaaS) solutions for maximizing the uptime of your IT environment. With an RTO of less than one hour and a last-transaction RPO, our HAaaS options will have you back up and running in no time.

To find out more about our IBM i DRaaS solutions and other services, contact us today.