IBM i Hosting in the Cloud Provided by Abacus Solutions

Businesses that use IBM i can benefit from hosting services through cloud computing in a tremendous way. Shifting to the cloud can reduce – if not totally eliminate – the need for infrastructure acquisition and maintenance, which means less capital expenditure. Opting for IBM i management can help to streamline the workflow of an IT or development department, allowing members to focus on more business-critical tasks. Some cloud providers also offer backup and disaster recovery services, which allow businesses to feel fully confident that their data is safe and secure.

IBM i hosting could likely benefit your business if:

  • You have an aging workforce or have lost a critical resource
  • You need infrastructure that can scale quickly and easily
  • You want to shift to business-critical workloads
  • You have a pending application or hardware upgrade
  • You need to eliminate invasive backup windows
  • You need business continuity
  • You would like to delegate aspects of hardware operations and management
  • You need to move a legacy environment to archive
  • You have a short-term testing or development need
  • You would like to perform an OS upgrade test

If any of the above statements sound familiar to you, consider consulting with Abacus Solutions, a cloud provider that is focused on the IBM i platform. We offer such services as general hosting, IBM i management, backups, and disaster recovery. We are classified as an IBM i Managed Services Provider, so you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience needed to work with this unique platform.

Contact Abacus Solutions today to learn more about our IBM i hosting services. If you are unsure of exactly what your business needs are, we will be happy to schedule a performance assessment to uncover which of our services your business could benefit from.