How Setting up an IBM i Hybrid Cloud Can Benefit Your Company’s Datacenter

If your datacenter runs IBM i, a hybrid cloud setup can provide a wide variety of important benefits that enable you to access computing power and flexibility above and beyond what your onsite infrastructure would be able to handle on its own. Setting up a hybrid cloud involves connecting your onsite infrastructure to cloud hosting and using both onsite and offsite resources for your computing operations.

Many companies prefer a hybrid cloud setup to a completely local infrastructure because it allows business-critical operations and sensitive data to be handled locally, while other operations and data can be managed in the cloud, where they won’t be tying up local computing resources. This is especially helpful for backups, as your data can be stored remotely at a secure location in case of a total system failure or other disaster situation.

Another major benefit of hybrid cloud computing is the fact that the cloud portion can be scaled up or down easily without the need to purchase and install additional hardware. If you have short-term testing or development needs, or have upgrades that need to be installed, or even if you just have a certain time during the year when you know you’ll need more computing power, you can simply have your cloud provider temporarily increase your resources.

At Abacus Solutions, we offer a selection of powerful cloud computing options that you can take advantage of for your company’s datacenter. Our team can meet with you to assess your computing needs and devise the hybrid cloud solution that best handles your computing requirements while staying within your budget. Plus, our technicians will provide you with turnkey setup services to ensure that your connection to the cloud is handled properly without the need for your IT staff to step away from day-to-day operations.

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