IBM i LPAR Cloud Hosting Provided by Abacus Solutions

For an IBM i LPAR to supplement your IT infrastructure quickly, easily, and without having to worry about the cost of hardware acquisition and maintenance, trust Abacus Solutions. We have two separate datacenters that our cloud engineers have constructed to be reliable, secure, and highly scalable for use in all of our cloud hosting projects. Our dedicated cloud management teams include highly experienced IBM-certified specialists, as well as project management leaders who can analyze the needs of your IT environment and design the most effective partition to suit those needs.

When you choose Abacus Solutions for a cloud-based IBM i LPAR, you’ll also enjoy the many great benefits that we offer to cloud users. Here’s a little information about what’s included in our cloud packages:

  • Abacus Entry i Cloud – Our most basic IaaS option, this includes daily secure backups to one of our offsite datacenters, with infrastructure support available from 9-5, Monday through Friday, as well as critical networking and operations support.
  • Abacus Enterprise i Cloud – This more advanced IaaS option offers daily data backup to our secure offsite storage, business continuity with start recovery in less than 12 hours, critical network support, automated operations support, and infrastructure support available 24/7/365.
  • Abacus Enterprise Plus i Cloud – Our PaaS option includes all of the benefits of the Enterprise i Cloud, plus operating system management for businesses looking for a stable run-time environment to facilitate application development.

Not only do we offer IBM i LPAR hosting and other cloud services, we also have a wide selection of used and refurbished hardware from IBM and other vendors. All of our used hardware is expertly refurbished in our own Technology Center. Then, it’s put through rigorous tests to ensure it works just like new before we sell it. To support this process we offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our reconditioned products. Our inventory includes everything from parts to servers, and because we are a vendor-neutral company, we can help you with the most effective equipment for your own infrastructure at the best price, regardless of the manufacturer.

For more information on how an IBM i LPAR can be used to enhance your company’s IT environment, contact Abacus Solutions today.