What Is an IBM i LPAR, and How Can It Improve Your Company’s Datacenter?

IBM i LPAR cloud hosting can provide your company with many opportunities for its IT department, promoting more easily scalable resources and more efficient production. An LPAR, or logical partition, is a portion of computer resources that can be allotted as a virtually separate computer, complete with its own operating system. IBM i is designed to work particularly well with virtual partitions; and IBM was even the developer of hypervisors for the purpose of facilitating the process, so many companies prefer the IBM i environment for their cloud-hosted logical partitions.

When you have an IBM i LPAR apportioned to your company by a third-party host, you can enjoy freedom from the constrictions of having to procure, maintain, and update your own infrastructure. Instead, if you need extra resources for a specific event, you can simply request an increase in your partition – there’s no need to spend long hours shopping for the right materials, waiting for delivery, and installing the parts. Also, depending on your cloud provider, you may be able to have your operating system managed for you so that your IT staff can focus on development and production.

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If you’d like to find out more information about the benefits of an IBM i LPAR for your company, contact Abacus Solutions today.