IBM i Managed Services Can Help you Streamline the Workflow of Your IT Department

IBM i managed services are the easiest way to keep your IBM i datacenter properly maintained. Let’s face it – OS management tasks are not only tedious, but also time consuming. Delegating these tasks elsewhere can free up a team of developers and allow them to focus more on business-critical applications. There are plenty of additional reasons why IBM i management can be extraordinarily beneficial. For example, some providers offer backup services and business continuity, which can help keep data safe and secure.

What can investing in managed services help accomplish for your company? There are a number of things it can help you do, including:

  • Shift to business-critical workloads
  • Eliminate backup windows
  • Enhance or replace business continuity
  • Change the way your hardware is managed
  • Move a legacy environment to archive
  • Accomplish a short-term testing or development need

Abacus Solutions has been helping businesses with IBM i since 2000. Thanks to our experience and partnership with IBM, we are one of the only cloud providers with a deep knowledge of and focus on IBM i. We have two complete datacenters that were built and are maintained by our own in-house team of engineers. Our services include everything from simple cloud hosting to complete infrastructure and platform management, and from simple backup services to robust business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

In addition to our expertise, we can provide you with an OS upgrade test and performance assessment to help you determine which cloud service is best for your business. We also offer IT asset disposition whereby you can trade in old or used hardware in exchange for a subsidy on one of the IBM i services that we offer.

For more information about the IBM i managed services that we provide, contact Abacus Solutions today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you.