IBM i Dedicated Cloud Computing Can Remove Many of the Headaches of Maintaining an Onsite IT Infrastructure

With an IBM i dedicated cloud, you can avoid a lot of the hassles involved with maintaining your own datacenter onsite at your business. For one, it provides the opportunity to shift a legacy environment to archival storage and start working in the most current IBM i environment without having to purchase new hardware. Also, dedicated cloud hosting allows you to shift your IT budget over to an operating expense rather than needing to factor in procurement, maintenance, and similar expenses.

When you transition your IT environment entirely to cloud computing, you’ll also find that scalability becomes, essentially, as simple as requesting a larger partition of the public cloud. That way, if you need additional resources in a pinch, such as an upcoming holiday rush or a special development project, you don’t need to stress about making sure you have enough processing power and storage to handle the situation. And, with the right cloud hosting provider, you can enjoy the peace of mind and reliability that come with a remotely maintained computing environment.

If you’re ready to switch your company’s datacenter over to a dedicated cloud environment, Abacus Solutions can help. We offer powerful cloud computing solutions for companies of all kinds, hosted in our two secure offsite datacenters. Our cloud experts will even provide turnkey transition services to make your shift to the cloud as easy on your IT department as possible. Our Abacus i Cloud offerings range from basic hosting to the Enterprise i Cloud, which includes the option for platform as a service (PaaS) operating system support for IBM i to take on even more of the maintenance responsibilities of your environment and further free up your IT team.

To find out more about setting up an IBM i dedicated cloud for your company, contact Abacus Solutions today.