Abacus Provides IBM Managed Services for Businesses across the Nation

If you need IBM managed services, turn to Abacus Solutions, the premier cloud hosting provider for businesses nationwide. Our turnkey cloud hosting services can improve the power of your datacenter, leading to increased productivity and efficiency within your IT department. Whether you are moving a legacy environment to an archive, developing new applications, or you just want your IT employees to focus on more business-critical workloads, our IBM-certified network managers can architect the perfect cloud solution for you.

Our IBM managed services come in two forms – the Entry Cloud Package and the Enterprise Cloud Package – and feature the following services:

  • Entry Cloud
    • Access to our Tier 2 datacenters
    • Secure firewalls and daily offsite backups
    • OS and hardware support available M-F, 9-5
  • Enterprise Cloud
    • Access to our primary Tier 3 datacenters with redundant hosting in our Tier 2 datacenters
    • Secure firewalls and daily offsite backups
    • Critical operations, infrastructure, network, and hardware support available 24/7/365

Our Enterprise Cloud Package can also be customized to feature Platform as a Service. This can take the burden of OS management off of the shoulders of your IT team, so they can focus on the tasks that are most germane to your business.

At Abacus Solutions, we know that transitioning to the cloud may not be the best solution for every business. If instead you decide that a hardware upgrade would be more suited to your needs, we offer new and refurbished IT equipment from a variety of popular manufacturers including HP, Sun/Oracle, Cisco, and of course IBM.

For more information on our IBM managed services or our expansive equipment inventory, contact Abacus Solutions today.