IBM NAS Storage Systems Developed by the Skilled Solution Architects of Abacus Solutions

Any business looking to build or expand an IBM NAS storage system will find that Abacus Solutions offers the high-quality refurbished hardware it needs, all at prices that fit nearly any budget. We offer every type of IBM disk storage system, from older systems to the latest models, providing options to suit any business’s needs. At our Technical Center, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to refurbish each piece to like-new condition, ensuring it will deliver reliable performance in demanding datacenter environments. Because these pieces are refurbished, we offer them below OEM prices. However, we offer a minimum 30-day warranty on each piece, and many can be IBM Banded/Certified, so you can rest assured that your investment in these IBM storage products will be well protected.

Some of the specific IBM NAS storage products you can find in our inventory include:

  • EXP3000
    • 1727-HC1
  • DS3000
    • 1726-32X
    • 1746-A2D
    • 1814-92H
  • DS4000
    • 1812-81A EXP810
    • 1815-88A DS4800
  • DS5000
    • 1814-52A EXP520
    • 1818-G1A EXP5060
  • nSeries
    • 2857-306
    • 2861-001
    • 2863-004

Our storage experts have been trained to create effective storage solutions for any IT environment, so you can rely on us to recommend the ideal NAS server products for your needs and budget. In fact, our selection also includes products from Dell, EMC2, Hitachi, Nexsan, Xio, and others, allowing us to customize a wide range of solutions for a variety of other storage tiers.

To learn more about Abacus Solutions’ IBM NAS storage products or any of the other enterprise-grade storage systems we offer, contact us today. Also ask about our selection of refurbished servers and networking equipment.