IBM p Series Servers and Associated Hardware Available Nationwide from Abacus Solutions

IBM p Series products from Abacus Solutions help keep datacenters up and running for businesses throughout a broad range of industries. We stock a full range of used IBM Power5, Power6, and Power7 products, all of which have been expertly refurbished, cleaned, and tested in our Technical Center. We only ship products that look and perform like new, offering a 30-day warranty on each product to guarantee their quality.

Some of the many different IBM Power servers we can offer include:

  • Power5
    • 9110
    • 9113
    • 9119-590
    • 9133
  • Power6
    • 8203
    • 8204
    • 9117
    • 9119
  • Power 7
    • 8202
    • 8231
    • 8233
    • 9179

Because these IBM p Series products are used and refurbished, we’re able to offer them for significantly less than OEM prices. We also provide a full range of refurbished replacement components, such as processors, memory kits, and power supplies, making it easy and affordable to maintain your existing infrastructure. No matter the scope of your project, our team can carefully analyze your needs to develop the ideal package of products that will provide the computing power you need at the best price.

In addition to helping you find the right refurbished IBM hardware for your datacenter, our team can provide a wide range of professional services to support your project. We can handle everything from expansion planning to equipment installation and testing, providing convenient turnkey solutions that won’t interfere with your regular operations.

For more information on the IBM p Series products we offer, contact us today. You’ll also find products from other top vendors in our inventory, including Dell, HP, Cisco, Sun, and many others.