IBM PaaS from Abacus Solutions Can Free Up Your IT Team

IBM PaaS (platform as a service) can relieve some of the responsibilities of overburdened IT teams. If your business is expanding and your technicians are having a hard time keeping up with development projects, consider this cloud service from the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions. With IBM PaaS, we can take control of your menial operational tasks, freeing up your IT team to work on other business critical matters.

When you partner with Abacus Solutions, we’ll provide a project leader who can help you migrate your production to the cloud environment where your operating systems and middleware will be managed by our highly experienced team. In addition to operations management, we will also provide:

  • Daily backups of your data to a secure, offsite facility
  • Disaster recovery in as little as 12 hours or less
  • Infrastructure support anytime you need it, day or night

IBM PaaS is just one of the many cloud services offered by Abacus. We also offer both entry and enterprise levels of infrastructure as a service (IaaS); performance assessments and health checks of your environment; and high availability as a service (HAaaS) with a recovery time of less than one hour for businesses requiring maximum uptime.

If you need help architecting your datacenter, Abacus also provides preowned hardware from top tech manufacturers, including IBM, Cisco, and HPE, that we’ve refurbished in house to like-new condition. Because this equipment is preowned, you can take advantage of much lower prices than what you’d pay for the same items new.

To learn more about how our IBM PaaS can help your business expand, or to inquire about what hardware we have in stock, contact Abacus Solutions today.