Easily Create an IBM Partition in the Abacus i Cloud

Creating an IBM partition in your own datacenter can eat up valuable resources, which eventually necessitates the need for more hardware as well as its maintenance and management. That’s the beauty of the Abacus i Cloud – it enables businesses to gain computational power without having to worry about the expenses required by physical hardware.

Having the ability to create an IBM partition in the Abacus i Cloud presents many other benefits. For example, our cloud gives developers the ability to:

  • Create new partitions as needed
  • Test and debug software on different platforms
  • Archive legacy environments
  • Use multiple operating systems
  • Get a project ready for deployment in an isolated environment

The engineers employed by Abacus Solutions maintain two geographically separated datacenters that are reliable, secure, and scalable. We offer services in infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, cloud backup, and business continuity, so whether you’re looking for a hosting partner to set up an IBM partition or need help devising a plan for disaster recovery, we can help. In fact, if you would like us to, we can audit your datacenter, assess the needs of your IT department, and help you plan the perfect cloud solution for your business.

If your developers could benefit from the ability to create an IBM partition in the cloud, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, don’t forget to ask us about our IT Asset Disposition program, through which you can trade in old IT equipment in exchange for a subsidy on your i Cloud service.