IBM Power Systems HAaaS Can Help Maximize the Uptime of Your Business

IBM Power Systems HAaaS from Abacus Solutions is a service that helps businesses maximize their uptime in the event of a catastrophic production system failure. It can also provide continuity for planned system downtime due to maintenance or updates. Our high availability disaster recovery services can get your production system back in working order with a recovery time objective of less than one hour and recovery points as recent as the last transaction performed on the system.

When you choose the HAaaS disaster recovery service from Abacus Solutions, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Seamless implementation services – Our team of network engineers will install the high availability software onto your environment and create a target environment on the Abacus iCloud that is scaled to your business. The software will then establish a new recovery point after every transaction in your production system.
  • Start recovery in less than one hour – Whether your downtime is planned or unplanned, Abacus will role-swap you into your target environment, enabling you to continue production until your environment is back up and running.
  • Elimination of backup windows – Backups are performed on the Abacus i Cloud, which prevents them from hindering production time.

As a complete cloud service provider, Abacus Solutions also offers cloud computing packages. Hosted in our two robust datacenters, which were built using redundant components by our IBM-certified engineers, our cloud services can help you maximize the productivity of your IT department. Whether you have a pending upgrade, you need to replace a critical resource that has been lost, or you just want your IT staff to be able to focus on tasks that are more critical to your business, our cloud computing services can benefit businesses of any size and scope.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from IBM Power Systems HAaaS or any of the other cloud services we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.