Run an IBM Power Systems LPAR in the Abacus i Cloud

The Abacus i Cloud is the perfect place to set up an IBM Power Systems LPAR. Our IBM i-centered cloud infrastructure was developed by our own team of cloud engineers with an emphasis on scalability, availability, and security, so you can be certain that as your computing needs grow, so can your portion of the Abacus Cloud.

Having a Power Systems LPAR in the Abacus i Cloud will give your developers the flexibility to accomplish tasks that might otherwise prove very difficult. For example, with an LPAR, developers can easily:

  • Run multiple operating systems
  • Test and debug software on different platforms
  • Backup a system and have it ready for rapid deployment
  • Archive legacy systems

The Abacus Solutions i Cloud infrastructure has virtually unlimited capacity so you can set up as many IBM LPARs as you need. We also offer other cloud services, such as PaaS, backup, and disaster recovery solutions.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of partnering with Abacus Solutions is the level of service that we provide. Our cloud engineers can assist you with everything from VPN setup and data migration to the full design and implementation of a new system for your business. We also offer infrastructure support Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, at minimum. Depending on your cloud package, we can provide infrastructure support up to 24/7/265.

If you are interested in setting up an IBM Power Systems LPAR in the Abacus i Cloud, or learning more about any of our other cloud-based services, contact us today. When you do, don’t forget to ask about IT Asset Disposition, which is a service that we offer to help you get rid of old or unused IT equipment.