For IBM Power Systems and Other Expertly Refurbished Servers for Your Atlanta, GA, Datacenter, Turn to Abacus Solutions

IBM Power systems are some of the most popular servers employed by companies with demanding computational needs. Abacus Solutions has the IBM products you need at prices designed to minimize your IT expenditures, whether you need to meet the computing demands of your Atlanta, Georgia-based business by scaling up your system, upgrading legacy equipment, or just replacing components that no longer work. We obtain liquidated equipment whereupon our restoration experts refurbish it to like-new condition in our own Technology Center, allowing us to sell at costs often as much as 90 percent off of the OEM’s. Also, every product we sell, from our IBM offerings to the other products in our inventory, is rigorously tested for quality performance, and we’re proud to support our refurbishing process with a minimum 30-day warranty.

At Abacus Solutions, you can find a vast inventory of IBM Power systems hardware for use in your datacenter located in Atlanta, GA, including:

  • pSeries
    • Power5, Power6, and Power7 servers
    • Processors
    • Memory
    • Power Supplies
  • iSeries
    • Power5, Power5+, Power6, and 8XX servers
    • Features
    • Memory
    • Disks

If you’re not sure which IBM Power systems products your company will benefit from the most, let Abacus Solutions provide turn-key datacenter services for you with our expert system engineers. They will analyze your datacenter to determine what hardware will best suit your computing needs and design a comprehensive solution while staying within your IT budget. And, since we are a vendor-neutral company, we can offer the best products to supplement your system or build it from the ground up without being hindered by ties to only one manufacturer. In addition to IBM products, we offer hardware from Sun/Oracle, Dell, HP, and Cisco for a full selection of the best current and legacy products.

If you want more information on the IBM Power systems and other products that we offer to businesses in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, contact Abacus Solutions today.