Customizable IBM Power Systems Backup Solutions Available to Many Different Types of Businesses

For most businesses that run IBM Power Systems, backup solutions are essential. Sensitive data must be guarded by some sort of protective measure to prevent a catastrophic loss in the event of a natural disaster or complete hardware failure. The professionals at Abacus Solutions provide a number of hardware- and cloud-based backup services for our customers, and we can tailor a unique set of services to fit the needs of your business, as well.

When you partner with Abacus, you can choose from a variety of customizable cloud- or hardware-based backup and recovery packages, including:

  • Backup as a Service – Our technicians will perform and manage daily backups and deduplication to our Abacus iCloud.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – Get back to business quickly and easily in the event of a disaster with RPOs as recent as the last replication of data, and RTOs as short as 12 hours.
  • High Availability as a Service – Take advantage of the utmost in business continuity by having a target environment created for your business into which you can role-swap in the event of a disaster, so your production environment won’t skip a beat.

We also offer a number of other useful cloud services ranging from simple hosting for improving your datacenter’s speed and reliability, to full OS management, which can free up your resources and facilitate a more streamlined workflow for your IT department. No matter what services you decide on, you will have at your disposal some of the best service in the industry from our IBM-certified network specialists. They will perform any necessary installations to ease your transition and will provide critical network support as long as you are using our services.

To find out how your business can benefit from IBM Power Systems backup solutions, or any of our other comprehensive cloud-based services, contact Abacus Solutions today and request an audit on your datacenter, which will allow us to recommend the services that will be most useful to your business.