High Availability for IBM Power Systems Provided by Abacus Solutions

If you need high availability protection for your IBM power systems, turn to the IT experts at Abacus Solutions. Our high availability as a service (HAaaS) can relieve some of the burden on your IT team during a declaration by transitioning your production to a vendor-provided target environment where operations can continue 24/7. Your team will then be free to provide all the maintenance necessary without having to worry about an outage window creeping into production time.

When you partner with us for a high availability solution, we will:

  • Install specialized software onto your hardware to create transaction-to-transaction replications in the Abacus i Cloud
  • Monitor the replications to ensure they’re in sync with your operations
  • Role-swap your operations to a target environment in the event of a declaration
  • Schedule an outage window to transition your operations back to a local environment after a fix has been implemented

This “hot” software- or SAN-based recovery service can restore your data in one hour or less. If your datacenter has a hard time keeping up with regular backups due to window conflicts, HAaaS can prevent your production from being caught off guard by an unexpected outage.

In addition to HAaaS, Abacus also offers infrastructure support with entry and enterprise levels of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the latter of which includes the option of platform as a service (PaaS). With PaaS, we’ll take over the management of your OS, freeing up your technicians to focus on more crucial projects.

For more information about protecting your datacenter’s IBM power systems with high availability as a service, or about any of our other cloud services, contact Abacus Solutions today.