Expertly Reconditioned IBM Servers Available at Low Prices to Companies Nationwide

If you need IBM servers for your company’s datacenter, consider buying refurbished hardware from Abacus Solutions. We have an enormous inventory of preowned legacy and current IBM equipment, all of which has been refurbished by certified experts in our Technology Center, then carefully inspected to ensure that it works as if it were brand new. This process not only ensures that we only sell products in proper working condition, but it also allows us to offer prices that are up to 90 percent off of the OEM’s.

When you shop for IT equipment from Abacus Solutions, we’ll work with you to find exactly what you need for your datacenter. Our broad selection of IBM servers includes such products as:

  • System X enterprise
  • System X rackmount
  • Blade Center
  • pSeries Power5
  • pSeries Power6
  • pSeries Power7
  • AS/400
  • iSeries Power5+
  • iSeries Power6
  • And more

In addition to IBM servers and other IBM products, we also offer hardware from a variety of other manufacturers, including HP, Sun, and Dell. We are a vendor-neutral company, so we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive IT hardware solutions that work for your needs and budget, rather than trying to push for one particular manufacturer. Also, we back all of our products with a minimum 30-day warranty so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

If you’re interested in learning more about the IBM servers and other products that we offer to companies of all types and sizes, contact Abacus Solutions today.