An IBM Service Provider that Is Dedicated to Serving Your Business – Abacus Solutions

When companies need an IBM service provider that offers personalized service and uniquely tailored IT solutions, they turn to the trusted experts at Abacus Solutions. We founded our company on the precipice of emerging technology in 2000 as an AS/400 brokerage firm. Over the years, we have gained a plethora of knowledge and experience with all types of IBM systems from legacy to current, and we would like to put that expertise to use for your business.

When you choose Abacus Solutions as your IBM service provider, you will receive personalized care with services such as:

  • Datacenter audits – Our experts can recommend the most relevant services to your business.
  • Project managers – You will have your own personal company liaison.
  • Turnkey implementation – We provide VPN setup, hardware installation, data migration, and a variety of other implementation services.
  • Network support – Our technicians are available during normal business hours or round the clock, depending on the package you select.
  • Robust and reliable hosting – Our datacenters are built and maintained by our own IBM-certified technicians, and designed for maximum power and reliability.

We also offer discounts on our services by purchasing any IT equipment you no longer have need of. You can trade in your equipment for a direct discount on our services, sell it on consignment, or have it recycled in accordance with environmentally-friendly standards set forth by the EPA.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with an IBM service provider that cares about helping your business grow, contact Abacus Solutions and speak with one of our dedicated staff members today.