Used and Refurbished IBM Bladecenter Hardware for Businesses of All Sizes

IBM Bladecenter is a collection of blades, servers, networking hardware, and chassis that is designed to help businesses consolidate IT infrastructure components into one easy-to-manage platform. At Abacus Solutions, we have an extensive inventory of new and used Bladecenter equipment – all available for prices much lower than the OEM’s. Our refurbished equipment is restored to like-new condition by our product specialists, who work diligently to ensure that every item passes rigorous quality standards. To support our refurbishing process even further, we offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our used gear.

Here are just a few of the IBM Bladecenter options that we currently have in stock:

  • H chassis enclosure
  • HS21
  • HS22
  • HS23
  • HS40
  • HX5
  • JS21
  • LS21
  • LS22
  • LS41

In addition to our expansive inventory of used and refurbished IBM Bladecenter equipment, Abacus Solutions has a team of IBM-certified experts who are available to help you assess the needs of your business’s datacenter and recommend the right products to satisfy your workload. We have extensive experience working with everything in the IBM family, from legacy AS/400 systems to the newer Power Systems line, so you can count on us to deliver an effective solution. We also offer several turn-key cloud packages for businesses that would like to avoid the expenses of hardware acquisition.

For more information about the IBM Bladecenter items within our inventory, contact Abacus Solutions today. We also carry items from many more industry-leading manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Cisco, and Sun/Oracle.