IBM Storage Products Refurbished and Sold by Abacus Solutions

If you use IBM storage systems in your datacenter and need additional hardware to scale up your storage capabilities or replace aging equipment, turn to Abacus Solutions. Our selection of preowned IBM hardware is second to none, and we masterfully recondition every product in-house in our own Technology Center. All of our equipment is thoroughly tested for proper working condition before it is sold so that we can ensure like-new performance in each piece of hardware. Thanks to this process, we are able to offer products that work as well as if they’d just come off the assembly line at prices up to 90 percent off of OEM costs.

Some of the many IBM storage products that we have in our expansive inventory include:

  • Storage area network (SAN) models
    • DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, and DS8000 storage systems
    • EXP2500 and EXP3000 external storage
    • nSeries storage systems
  • Tape storage models
    • 3572
    • 3576
    • 3581
    • 3583
    • 3588
    • 3592

At Abacus Solutions, we are proud to be a vendor-neutral company, so in addition to the IBM storage systems and other IBM products we offer for your company’s infrastructure, we have a broad selection of products from many other manufacturers, including Sun, Dell, and HP. That way, we are able to offer hardware solutions for virtually any need or budget without trying to focus on one particular brand.

To learn more about our selection of IBM storage systems and other IT equipment, contact Abacus Solutions today.