IBM Storage Solution Hardware Available at Affordable Prices from Abacus Solutions

With an IBM storage solution from Abacus Solutions, you can feel confident that your business can reliably retain all the crucial data it needs to operate. Our storage system experts can provide options to suit any storage tier, from high-availability SANs to tape archives, balancing performance, capacity, and price to meet your unique needs. To provide affordable options for our clients, our company expertly refurbishes used IBM storage hardware within our Technical Center, allowing us to offer products for less than OEM costs. We’re also able to offer warranties of 30 days to one year on every piece of IBM storage equipment we sell, helping provide you peace of mind you’re making a safe investment.

Some of the specific pieces we can include in your IBM storage solutions include:

  • Disk storage
    • EXP2500
    • DS3000
    • DS8000
    • nSeries
  • Tape storage
    • 2572
    • 2583
    • 3588
    • 3592

In addition to developing the ideal package of IBM storage products for your business, our team can manage your entire storage project. Our experts have worked with clients in a range of industries, so we understand how to deploy them in a wide range of IT environments. While you focus on your day to day management processes, our experts can handle all aspects of implementation and migration, delivering a turnkey solution for your business.

To find out more about having an IBM storage solution customized for your business by the experts at Abacus Solutions, contact us today.