IBM System Storage Solutions Built for Businesses Nationwide by Abacus Solutions

If your business’s IT relies on IBM system storage, Abacus Solutions is the best source for the hardware you need to maintain or expand your infrastructure. Our company has a wide range of certified-preowned IBM storage hardware, from legacy lines to current generations, all in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Our team carefully inspects, cleans, refurbishes, and tests controllers, drives, and expansions at our in-house Technical Center, ensuring that each piece we offer can perform reliably in a demanding datacenter environment. Each one is priced at a fraction of its OEM costs and comes backed by a minimum 30-day warranty, so you can rest assured you’re getting outstanding value from your investment.

Some of the specific IBM system storage products we have available include:

  • EXP2500
  • EXP3000
  • DS3000
  • DS5000
  • DS8000
  • nSeries

Whether you’re simply expanding the DAS in your stack or looking to build out an enterprise SAN, our team can help you select the ideal package of products for your unique needs. Our IBM-certified storage professionals have worked with clients throughout a wide range of industries, so they have the experience necessary to offer expert advice on how to adapt this hardware for your infrastructure. We can offer a full range of professional services as well, handling everything from datacenter audits and expansion planning to system deployment and virtualization. While you focus on your regular operations, our experts can provide turnkey service for your initiative, preventing any impact on your systems’ performance and delivery of services.

To learn more about the IBM system storage offerings, contact us today.