Buy a Refurbished IBM x3550 M5 Rack Server at a Discounted Price from Abacus Solutions

The IBM x3550 M5 rack server is a powerful unit that can help improve the speed and reliability of your datacenter, and refurbished models are available at discounted prices from Abacus Solutions. With Intel Xeon multi-core processors, 24 DIMM slots that support up to 384 GB of memory, hot-swappable components, and high capacity quad Gigabit Ethernet ports, the IBM x3550 M5 can be a welcome addition to virtually any datacenter.

At Abacus Solutions, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise of our refurbishing technicians. Each piece of gear that comes through our doors undergoes a painstaking refurbishing process. It is then tested to ensure its top-of-the-line performance and reliability. And every piece of gear is backed by a minimum 30-day warranty.

Abacus is focused on providing solutions for all types of businesses, from small companies to large corporations. We know that all businesses have different IT needs, which is why we sell equipment from various reputable manufacturers. Our expansive, vendor-neutral inventory includes:

  • iSeries, pSeries, and xSeries servers from IBM
  • Sun StorageTek storage equipment from Sun/Oracle
  • ProCurve network switches from HP
  • ISR, ASR, and NCS routers from Cisco
  • And more

No matter what type of gear you need for your datacenter, you can save even more on your purchase through our IT Asset Disposition program. This service allows you to decommission your old IT equipment in a variety of ways to help you make room for the new equipment. This includes selling it on consignment, trading it in for a discount, or having it properly recycled. And we will keep your data secure by wiping your old hardware using DoD-approved multi-pass overwriting.

To learn more about the IBM x3550 M5 rack server, or any of the other hardware we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.