IBM x3650 Servers and Other System X Products Available from Abacus Solutions

IBM x3650 servers can take on a variety of roles to provide businesses with the memory, storage, and processing power required for critical applications, while providing the outstanding reliability and price/performance capability that’s a hallmark of the IBM System X and xSeries lines. If you’re looking for these high-performance servers for your business, you can trust that Abacus Solutions can offer a wide range of products to suit your needs. All of these items have been carefully inspected and tested in our Technical Center by our skilled engineers and technicians, ensuring every piece can deliver reliable performance in a datacenter environment. Each IBM x3650 server is refurbished as needed to meet our high standards of quality and offered at discounts of up to 90 percent off of OEM prices.

Our selection includes a variety of IBM x3650 models, including:

  • M2 DC E5502
  • M2 QC E5520
  • M2 QC E5530
  • M2 QC E5540
  • M3 2P 6C x5645
  • M3 2P 6C x5675
  • M3 4C E5603
  • M3 QC L5630
  • M4 6C E5-2620
  • M4 6C E5-2650L
  • M4 QC E5-2609
  • M4 8C E5-2680

In addition to IBM x3650 servers, we offer a variety of other used IBM xSeries servers, as well as items in other lines from IBM, Dell, Sun, Cisco, and HP. Our team can select the ideal System X products from this wide inventory to deliver a highly customized, vendor-neutral solution for whatever type of business applications your company needs. We can provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions, overseeing your project from start to finish for easy implementation. We also offer solutions for datacenter virtualization, network optimization, IT security, and cloud computing, so you can rely on us for all your IT consulting needs.

To learn more about our selection of IBM x3650 servers or our many IT services, contact us today.