IBM xSeries 346 Servers Available through Abacus Solutions for Businesses Nationwide

Many companies continue to rely on IBM xSeries 346 rack servers to host important applications, but finding replacement systems can be challenging as the product line is aging. Fortunately, businesses nationwide can turn to Abacus Solutions for a broad range of used IBM xSeries hardware. We carry options from many legacy xSeries lines, all of which we carefully test within our Technical Center by our IBM-certified engineers and technicians. These IT hardware experts can precisely refurbish this equipment as necessary, ensuring each piece can perform in the rigorous conditions within our clients’ datacenters.

Along with IBM xSeries 346 servers, you can find many other xSeries systems in our inventory, including:

  • Rack Mount
    • x3550 M2 DC E5502
    • x3550 M4 8C E5-2680
    • x3650 M3 4C E5603
    • x3650 M3 QC E5507
    • x3650 M4 QC E5-2603
  • Enterprise
    • x3690 X5 10C E7-2870
    • x3690 X5 2P X7550
    • x3850 3950 M2 2P
    • x3850 3950 X5 2P E7-4850
    • x3850 3950 X5 7143

Abacus Solutions also offers a wide range of replacement xSeries components – including memory kits and chassis – that can be used to extend the lifecycle of your current hardware. In addition to IBM hardware, we carry business server options from many other top vendors as well, including Dell, Sun, HP, and Cisco. Our IT professionals can work closely with any business to determine its unique hardware needs, and develop a package that offers the ideal level of performance at the best possible price.

To learn more about our IBM xSeries 346 servers and the other server systems, contact us today.