Move to the Cloud for a Best-Practice IBMi Backup Solution That Meets the Needs of Your Business

If you are planning to revamp your current IBMi backup solution, it’s well worth considering a shift to the cloud. Managed by a proper host, virtual storage and infrastructure is the perfect solution for all backup needs. Eliminating tape storage, scaling infrastructure, upgrading hardware, and business continuity are just a handful of the benefits that a cloud backup solution could have in store for your business. Cloud computing also removes the burden of infrastructure acquisition, architecture, and maintenance from a team of developers, allowing them to focus more on business-critical tasks.

When it comes to IBMi backup, there’s no company with more experience and expertise than Abacus Solutions. Our company has been recognized as an IBMi Managed Services Provider in no small part thanks to our deep knowledge and understanding of IBM hardware and software. With several turnkey backup options at the ready – ranging from customer-managed backups in the Abacus i Cloud to best-practice disaster recovery and high availability services – Abacus Solutions has an IBMi backup solution for every budget and need.

At Abacus Solutions, we maintain two cutting-edge cloud infrastructures, each optimized for scalability and reliability. For more information about the IBMi backup plans that we have available, contact us today. We will be happy to help you rethink your current storage situation and develop a solution that will be capable of keeping up with your business for many years to come.