Move Your IBMi Backup Data to the Cloud & Enjoy Peace of Mind

Moving IBMi backup data to the cloud is a smart move for any business. That’s because data preservation is both vital and difficult to implement. Repeatedly scaling datacenters can consume resources and place an unnecessary burden on a team of developers; outdated equipment can cause compatibility nightmares, backup windows can creep into production time and interrupt workflow, and a haphazardly designed backup solution can result in the loss of data. By choosing the right host and backup option, you can rid yourself of the stress and headaches that backups involve and shift your focus to business-critical workloads.

For users of IBMi, cloud backup is as easy as contacting Abacus Solutions. An IBMi Managed Services Provider, our company has expertise with IBM hardware and software that is shared by no other company in the industry. We are familiar with legacy and state-of-the-art IBM products, and we provide several backup services from customer-managed cloud backups to complete disaster recovery in less than an hour. All of this is hosted in one of two privately-owned, cutting-edge datacenters built by us and optimized for the IBMi platform. At Abacus Solutions, we can ensure data security and provide the peace of mind that goes along with it.

Issues with scaling, outdated equipment, invasive backup windows, and off-the-cuff backup solutions are all indications that it’s time to learn more about the IBMi cloud backup services provided by Abacus Solutions. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the option that matches the needs and budget of your business. When you do, don’t forget to ask about our IT Asset Disposition program, whereby we will accept old or unused equipment for a subsidy on our cloud service.