Rely on an IBMi Disaster Recovery Plan Provided by Abacus Solutions

For an IBMi disaster recovery plan that can meet the operational needs of your business, turn to Abacus Solutions. Our suite of business continuity services has helped companies in just about every industry recover from planned or unexpected declarations. We provide both traditional tape-based recovery options and, for quicker recovery time objectives (RTOs), cloud-based recovery packages.

No matter which option works best for your business, you can trust the recovery efforts offered by Abacus Solutions. We will provide all the technical resources you need, including hardware and temporary target environments, to ensure your datacenter is brought back online as soon as possible. You can choose from RTOs ranging from:

  • Less than 48 hours – We’ll provide you with 30 days of unrestricted access to hardware that you can use to recover your data.
  • Less than 24 hours ¬– We’ll restore your data to a temporary environment as outlined in a pre-tested plan and provide you with 30 days of unrestricted access to that environment.
  • Less than 12 hours – We’ll work with you to back up your data to the Abacus i Cloud, which we can then restore to similar or better hardware in the event of a declaration.

In addition to these disaster recovery services, Abacus provides high availability as a service (HAaaS) to companies that require maximum uptime. This software- or SAN-based package includes a role swap to a target environment and a scheduled outage window to swap production back to your local environment. The result is an RTO of less than one hour.

Keep your production operational during an outage by creating an IBMi disaster recovery plan with the IT experts at Abacus Solutions. To learn more or to inquire about our other cloud services, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), contact us today.