IBMi Disaster Recovery Services Can Help Keep Your Data Safe

Abacus Solutions offers IBMi disaster recovery services with flexible Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and price options. Offering a wide range of solutions enables us to provide disaster recovery services for small businesses and large enterprises alike. The IBMi disaster recovery services that we offer include:

  • DRaaS < 48 Hours
    • RTO: Less than 48 hours
    • RPO: Last saved tape
    • Recovery method: Tape
  • DRaaS < 24 Hours
    • RTO: Less than 24 hours
    • RPO: Last saved tape
    • Recovery method: Tape
  • DRaaS < 12 Hours
    • RTO: Less than 12 hours
    • RPO: Last data replication
    • Recovery method: Cloud
  • HAaaS < 1 Hours
    • RTO: Less than one hour
    • RPO: Last transaction
    • Recovery method: Software or SAN

As outlined above, Abacus Solutions offers three different disaster recovery solutions and one high availability service. While the disaster recovery services are oriented towards timely data recovery, the high availability solution was created to enable businesses to continue to operate even in the event of a total production system failure. Abacus Solutions also provides datacenter audits and assistance with implementation.

Abacus Solutions was founded in 2000 as an AS/400 and RS/6000 brokerage firm. Since then, our company has grown into a full-fledged IBM Managed Service Provider. Our history with IBM speaks to our knowledge about IBM hardware and software systems, and it has enabled us to become one of the industry’s premier providers of IBM i disaster recovery services.

Contact Abacus Solutions today if you are interested in implementing an IBMi disaster recovery solution for your business.