Abacus Solutions’ IBMi DRaaS Can Safeguard Your Data

IBMi DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) is a business continuity solution offered by Abacus Solutions. This service enables businesses to recover their data in the event of a catastrophic system failure. With RTOs ranging from less than 48 hours to less than 12 hours and RPOs ranging from the last-saved tape to the most recent completed replication, our business continuity solutions can be scaled to support anything from a small business to a large Fortune 500 enterprise.

In addition to IBMi DRaaS, Abacus Solutions offers HAaaS (High Availability as a Service). This robust business continuity option provides an RTO of less than an hour and an RPO of the last completed transaction. It entails the installation of IBMi high availability software on the production environment. Once installed, the software will create a recovery point per transaction and sync it to a target environment in the Abacus i Cloud. After a planned or unplanned declaration, Abacus will role-swap the production and target environments, enabling the business to continue normal operations until the production environment is up and running again.

IBMi DRaaS and HAaaS are just two of the many IT-related services provided by Abacus Solutions. In the Digital Age, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to serve customers information when they ask for it, no matter what. Abacus Solutions seeks to help businesses succeed in this difficult task. Contact us today to learn more about IBMi DRaaS or any of the other services that we provide.