Choose IBMi High Availability for the Highest Level of Protection and the Least Amount of Downtime

IBMi high availability as a service is a business continuity solution offered by Abacus Solutions. This is a robust solution for businesses that require minimal downtime and data recovery as recent as the last-performed transaction. Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Turnkey implementation – The Abacus team will install IBM i high availability software onto your production environment. The software will then create a new recovery point per transaction to a properly sized target environment in the Abacus i Cloud.
  • Data recovery in less than an hour – In the event that your production environment goes down – whether because of a planned or unplanned event – Abacus Solutions will role-swap you to the target environment in less than an hour, enabling you to go about business as usual until your production environment is up and running again.
  • Move backups from production to target – A beneficial consequence of having a target environment in the Abacus i Cloud is that we can perform your backups from there, which means no more backup processes creeping into production time.

The Abacus team is here to help you figure out which continuity solution is best for your business. In addition to IBMi high availability, we offer other disaster recovery services with flexible RTOs, RPOs, and price options. If you’d like, we can audit your datacenter, assess your needs for disaster recovery alongside your IT department, and help you determine how a high availability solution might fit in with your business.

If you are interested in implementing an IBMi high availability solution to protect your business, contact Abacus Solutions today.