IBM i High Availability is the Optimal Choice When Cold Recovery Just Isn’t Enough

IBM i high availability services are essential for businesses that require consistent uptime to properly serve their consumer base. In today’s fast-paced, high-demand marketplace, even a short amount of downtime can be quite costly and have lasting repercussions. Although DRaaS services with cold recovery methods are effective, sometimes the 12-48 hour recovery time is too long. If this is the case for your business, you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to implement high availability services.

High availability entails the creation of a target environment for your business. This environment is used for role-swapping, ideally within as little as one hour, so that you can continue business as usual in the face of planned downtime (hardware upgrades and software testing) or unplanned catastrophes (natural disasters or massive hardware failure).

Fortunately, you can turn to Abacus Solutions for just that. We offer a range of disaster recovery services, including high availability packages that can give you the business continuity you are looking for. We also offer plenty of other cloud computing options. From simple hosting and archiving to complex OS management, we have you covered. We even provide network support, VPN setup, and data migration assistance to ease your transition into the cloud.

What’s more, if you have hardware upgrade needs, we can provide a cost-effective solution to that, as well. We have an expansive inventory of new and refurbished IT equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, all of which is available at discounted prices and backed by a minimum 30 day warranty.

To learn more about our IBM i high availability services or any of our other products or cloud services, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, make sure to ask about how you can save on your purchase by selling us your old IT hardware.