Finding an IBMi Hybrid Cloud Solution for Your Company

IBMi hybrid cloud computing is a highly effective way to supplement the local infrastructure of your datacenter with flexible, scalable resources. Cloud hosting allows you the freedom to scale up or down your computing resources at an operating expense rather than having to find, purchase, and install additional hardware that you may not need as much during a different time of the year. And, by combining resources in the cloud with your own onsite infrastructure, you can free up your local resources for any sensitive data storage and business-critical operations while using the cloud for testing, backups, and upgrades.

Of course, when looking for the right cloud provider to set your IBMi datacenter up with hybrid cloud computing, you’ll want to carefully consider the services they offer and the reliability of their cloud infrastructure. Ask for specifics about the datacenters they provide hosting out of, and whether or not they offer infrastructure support. Also, it’s helpful to see how much of the cloud setup process they’ll handle for you, or if you’ll need to have your own employees handle some of the cloud transition. These and other clarifying questions are important for ensuring that you receive the best cloud services possible.

When you’re ready to look at IBMi hybrid cloud options for your datacenter, Abacus Solutions can help. We offer some of the most effective cloud services in the industry, all hosted out of our two powerful datacenters, which were carefully architected with redundant components to achieve the greatest possible reliability and are continually maintained by our cloud engineers. Plus, our team of experts will come to you and not only help you determine which cloud package will best suit your needs and budget, but they’ll also perform turnkey setup services to ensure that your cloud transition goes as smoothly as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about the IBMi hybrid cloud packages and other services that we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.