Get Your IBMi LPAR at Abacus Solutions

Want to set up a cloud-based IBMi LPAR? You’ve come to the right place. With a robust cloud infrastructure developed with best-in-class technologies, Abacus Solutions has the resources to provide a range of cloud services for IBMi users. From partitioning and hybrid clouds to full-on cloud architectures and PaaS services, Abacus Solutions has developed countless cloud solutions for a variety of businesses across the country. Plus, we have IBM-certified specialists on staff who are ready and willing to assist with your data migration and VPN setup.

When you choose Abacus Solutions to create your IBMi LPAR in the cloud, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a team of cloud experts with a project leader assigned to your case to determine what your ideal slice of the cloud will be
  • Reliable hosting services and maximized uptime in our leading-edge architecture built by our very own cloud engineers
  • Operations and network support
  • Daily backups to offsite secure storage
  • M-F, 9-5 infrastructure support for entry-level package and 24/7/365 infrastructure support for enterprise-level packages
  • Business continuity with start recovery in less than 12 hours

In addition to our cloud-based IBMi LPAR services, you can also turn to Abacus Solutions for physical hardware. We maintain an extensive inventory of refurbished IBM equipment, from legacy systems to the new Power Systems line. We also do all of our own refurbishing in house, and we stand by the quality of our refurbished products by providing a minimum 30-day warranty.

For more information about the IBMi LPAR solutions that we offer to businesses across the country, contact Abacus Solutions today.